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Antivirus, Our Cyber Police

The crime mode in this world is not only physical and visible to the eye, there are also various forms of electronic crime. In the real world, we have a police force that acts as a protector of society. Do we have a cyber police too? Yes, these “police” are called antivirus.

There are various kinds, types, makers, and names of antivirus in the world. There are two types of antivirus based on usage platform, desktop and mobile. Antivirus desktop (computer / PC) has a more diverse type.

Some are antivirus that can be used for free like SmadAV, AVG, Avast, and various other. There is also to be enabled by using license, such as ESET and Kaspersky. (Read also: The ESET NOD32 antivirus 8 Crack)

Each of these antivirus certainly has advantages and disadvantages.

For example SmadAV that uses less computer resources (such as RAM and Storage capacity), but is considered less powerful in counteracting real-time threats. Other antivirus like Avast is considered better in countering threats compared to SmadAV, but uses quite a lot of resources in computer.

ESET is said to have the most efficient, space-saving, and most powerful protection system. However, ESET is an antivirus that strongly upholds its protective protocols, especially in the issue of Internet protection. In some cases, it is indeed very good, given the number of internet users who sometimes ignore their own safety in using the internet. But it can also be annoying, because not infrequently ESET (Smart Security) directly block all activities carried out via public WiFi.

Some people assume that Kaspersky has a slightly stronger protection system than ESET, has a database that is always updated, and has a nice view. But it takes a lot of resources. The use of RAM and Kaspersky Storage Capacity, which can be considered “greedy” can be a problem for users who do not have enough space on their computers.

So, a variety of antivirus in the world certainly makes the user has a variety of choices. The choices made can also be tailored to various aspects, which are noticed by the user. Various antivirus manufacturers always persuade users in various ways. However, keep in mind to choose the right antivirus, and as needed.


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