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Hi There

Nice to meet you again. Feels like I never write for months.

So now, we’ll talking about the new version of Tnod

Tnod is a software that used to “search” and put the license for ESET Antivirus. If you’re confuse about the usement of Tnod and how to used it, has post it a couple of weeks ago. You can read it here

What’s new in this new Tnod?

Things that come in Tnod version final is

  • Compatibility with the version of ESET 11.
  • Fixed errors when inserting licenses.
  • Updated languages.

(Based on the Tnod official web,

Basically, the new version is looks like the old one, just better. There are no improvements in the UI (but it’s not a big deals, right?)


If you wants to download this software, simply click the download button below. provides a real download link that linked to the tukero web.

Download links


How to use




Note: You may need to stop your antivirus protection for a while. Especially, if you used ESET Internet Security version 10 and above. Tukero web use spanish language. I recommend you to use Chrome to open it (or the browser that have the features of auto translation).

If you have a comment, or want to ask a questions, don’t be shy to use the “Contact Us” widget.

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