A Virtual World

Our Virtual World, The Internet



Today, we live more freely when compared to about 50 years ago. The virtual world, or “Internet” is a world that offers unlimited success, entertainment, friendships, and relationships.

We know and agree, that our world always has two sides, good side, and evil side. So also with this virtual world. On the one hand, it offers virtual freedom, and on the other hand there are various pitfalls, and hidden crimes.

There are various kinds of evil and rottenness hidden in it. Adware, malware, worms, trojans, spyware, and various viruses become one proof that the evil party is there. In addition, malicious hackers (black hat) and crackers, always lurking to look for victims. Phishing is also always a threat to those who are less alert.

But that’s just one side of our virtual world, the other side of course must be taken into account. The other side of the world offers the opposite of its rotten side. The likelihood of success that can be achieved by everyone without the cost of many good side too. The online store now appears, prove it. People can also make money easily by placing ads on their personal sites.

Everything must be on the bright side, and the bad side. Together these two become complementary to life. No life is going well, if there’s only fun, and so on. Our virtual world is one of the keys to future success. The need for experience in exploring it is one of the undisputed things of today. This is necessary, in order to prepare to welcome the era of Internet of Things (IoT) is rumored to be a common thing in the future.

No matter how big and powerful this virtual world, humans are still humans, and have to master this virtual world. Do not let this virtual world make us into slavery.

Man has the ability to control this world, and that ability must be used. One things became sure, without experience, the Internet is dangerous, but, with a lot of experience, the Internet will be one of your biggest opportunity to make your success story.



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