SmadAV Free vs SmadAV Pro

Indonesia’s local antivirus SmadAV, is one of the most recommended antivirus ever. SmadAV is known as a free antivirus that also provides protection wholeheartedly.

Everybody know, that the virus can come from anywhere and anytime. Our computer is at risk. As long as we use the internet, the virus has a big chance to go to our computer. Luckily, we have a guard. They called antivirus. (Read also: Antivirus Our Cyber Police). This time, we will tell an antivirus, that have a free and pro version. This antivirus is made in Indonesia, but have the international antivirus quality. SmadAV, that’s how it called. SmadAV are also the one who react fastly, when the Wannacry virus infecting the world. Trusted by billion, this antivirus is also very recommended for you.

Free version SmadAV can still be used even if it does not pay (unlike ESET / Kaspersky, SmadAV free do not know “trial period”). Even so, of course there is still a real difference between the free version and paid version, as shown in the following table.

Basic antivirusYesYes
USB ProtectionYesYes
Shipping statistics on user’s computer for SmadAV database developmentYesYes
Exception ListNoYes
Change the theme colorNoYes
Password (for network admins)NoYes
Full usement permitNoYes
Automatic UpdateNoYes



That’s the difference between SmadAV free version and paid version (Pro). If you are a regular user (students, teachers, students) it is recommended to use the free version. But if you are an admin / webmaster / high level IT user who needs security, SmadAV Pro is perfect for you.
That’s all about the difference SmadAV Free and SmadAV Pro. If you want to ask, please ask in the comment field, or via widgets “Contact Me.” Thank you.

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