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Wonderful Wohkudu Beach

Wonderful Wohkudu Beach

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Rahardian.com will now also provide information about wonderful places in Indonesia. This time, we’ll tell you about a beach in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The beach called Wohkudu Beach.


Wohkudu beach is a more like a private beach, because there were not a lot of people came there.

Beside of the incredible waves, there were also a lot of coral there.

Located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, the beach is located behind the hills.

You must park your vehicle in the parking zone, then walk down to the beach for about 500 meters. You’ll feel an offroad-y  coral road. This is the adventurer paradise.

When you finally came to the beach under the hills, you will see a beach, that fulls of coral.

You can also camping in the beach. Just ask the seller if you want to rent a tent.



This is the beach location in google maps


When you want to go to the beach, we are strongly recommend to use shoes instead of sandals. The corals there can easily destroy you sandals when you step on it.


Even so the beach had a wonderful view, an incredible waves, a white sand, and a friendly seller and civilians around it, the beach itself still need a lot of work to be a wondrous holiday destination. A lot of trash still becoming problem there. Hopefully in the future, the local government can pay more attention to potential tourist spots like this.


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